To run a wireless sensor test on an GE Interlogix Concord 4 hybrid security system and go to a programming alpha keypad.

To test your Concord 4 zones/sensors:

1. Place all sensors and zones in their non-alarm state.

2. At an alphanumeric touchpad, enter the sensor test mode by pressing 8, installer code, 3. The touchpad sounds one beep and displays SENSOR TEST. The panel starts a 15-minute timer.

3. Trip each zone/sensor one at a time. Touchpads (and interior sirens) should sound one short, high-pitched beep, and the display should show the sensor name (or number) and OK.

4. Press the Status button when you think all zones/sensors are tested. The touchpad displays any untested sensors/zones and touchpad panics. If all sensors/zones and touchpad panics have been tested, the display shows SENSOR TEST OK.

5. Test any untested zones/sensors and touchpad panics. Note: If you hear a long, low-pitched beep, proceed to “If a wireless sensor does not test” below.

6. The system stays in sensor test mode for 15 minutes. When less than 5 minutes remaining, touchpads and interior sirens beep and the panel announced the remaining time over the speakers once every minute. After 15 minutes, the panel disarms to off automatically. If you need more time to complete the sensor test, press 8, installer code, 3 while the system is still in sensor test mode. This restarts the 15 minutes of test time.

 7. When all sensors/zones and touchpad panics have been tested, press 1, installer code to exit sensor test mode.

If a wireless sensor does not test... 

If touchpads display SENSOR FAILURE and sirens sound a long, low-pitched beep when a zone or sensor is tripped, this indicates that the wireless sensor signal strength is below acceptable limits affecting the sensor signal strength.

When possible, locate wireless sensors within 100 ft. of the panel. While a transmitter may have a range of 1,000 ft. (3000 m) or more out in the open, the environment at the installation site can have a significant effect on transmitter range. See Troubleshooting to resolve the problem.

For GE Interlogix Concord 4 wireless sensors that don’t respond, use an RF Sniffer (60-401) test tool to verify that the sensor is transmitting. Constant beeps from the RF Sniffer indicate a runaway (faulty) sensor. Remove the sensor batteries and replace the sensor

Note: While the sensor test is a valuable installation and service tool, it only tests sensor operation for the current conditions. You should perform a sensor test after any change in environment, equipment, or programming.

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