This video will show you how to program a Honeywell 5816 wireless window or door contact into the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system. To program the Honeywell 5816 wireless window or door contact from the home screen select security, more, tools, installer code "default is 4112", program, zones, select an available zone, edit, insert the cr123a 3v battery into the Honeywell 5816 contact, click serial number, learn the serial number in either automatically or manually.

This video shows you how to manually enter in the 7 digit serial number. If you want to automatically learn the Honeywell 5816 all you have to do is with the Honeywell 5816 is line up the magnet with the read switch area " 2 small notches on the left side of the Honeywell 5816 contact with the arrow of the Honeywell 5816 facing towards you and down to the floor", pull apart and place back together in increments of three. The first time the Honeywell L5200 system will beep, the second time you pull it apart and place back together the Honeywell L5200 system will show you the serial number and the loop number of the device, makes sure it is loop number 2 and continue the process one more time. The system will take you back to the programming area. From there verify the loop number is loop 2 because we are using the wireless read switch. Assign a zone description, device type will be door, set the response type to the desired action "typically either entry exit 1 for a delay upon opening, or perimeter which will set the alarm off right away in the event the zone is triggered, report yes, select desired chime type, supervision should be set to supervised " this setting is so that the system is always looking to see that the Honeywell 5816 is in range and it hasn't been compromised", select save, done, yes and now you can go back to the home screen. Make sure that you test your signals with GEOARM Security to make sure they are working properly.      

The Honeywell 5816 Door/Window contact is a two zone wireless transmitter with both built-in magnetic reed switches and wired closed circuit contact loop. It Features a standard white plastic case “a brown case is available in packs of three 5816BR” and included is a supervised replaceable CR123 battery.

The 5816 contact may be one of the larger contacts that Honeywell develops aesthetically but, for overall applied usage the 5816 is a wonderful addition to your alarm system. With its larger size comes a larger antenna, this antenna provides you a much better range from the contact to the system. If you are planning on doing an installation and your contacts are going to be 60-150 feet from the alarm system you will want to go with this contact opposed to the smaller 5811 wireless window/door contact.

A neat feature that the 5816 carries is its ability to carry one hardwired contact. This application is perfect for garage doors carrying an overhead garage door contact. All you have to do essentially is hard wire the overhead garage door contact to the provided terminals inside the 5816 and program the contact as a loop one instead of loop 2. Stay tuned to our support center and make sure to follow our YouTube page where we will have a video on how to do this.

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system has been discontinued and will no longer produce these alarm systems. The L5200 has been replaced by the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system the link to the new system has been placed below.

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