If you either have or looking to purchase an GE Interlogix Concord 4 hybrid security system you may have been wondering can my system use Z-Wave home automation devices? From the factory, a Concord 4 system is not set up to communicate with Z-Wave home automation devices because there is not built in Z-Wave receiver to accept signals. Just because the Concord 4 from the factory is not compatible with Z-Wave devices doesn't mean there isn't a way to accomplish this. 


In order for an GE Interlogix Concord 4 system to accept Z-Wave home automation devices, you must add an cellular alarm communicator. The cellular communicator is amazing and really unlocks tons of features that are only available with this module because it has the built-in Z-Wave receiver needed to communicate with home automation devices. Once the communicator is installed into the panel end users can decide whether they want Professional alarm monitoring services or DIY alarm monitoring services. Professional interactive alarm monitoring is where end users can have their panel send alarm signals to our central alarm monitoring station so in the event of a triggered alarm we can dispatch for police, fire and medical services.

With professional services customers will enjoy the ability to use the interactive application on their smart devices. The most advanced feature when adding this module is once activated this communicator allows GeoArm Security to remotely access customers panels to assist them with programming and troubleshooting so a tech will never need to be sent out to your location saving time and money. This application is where all the magic happens. Here is where you will be able to view system status armed disarmed, be able to manipulate panel status by either arming/disarming/advanced arming, control Z-Wave home automation devices such as, lights, locks, thermostats, sprinklers, garage doors, Lutron lighting and nest thermostats, customers can also view their HD IP security cameras


With DIY alarm monitoring services customers will be able to utilize everything that smartphone application has to offer the only difference between professional alarm monitoring and DIY alarm monitoring is that with DIY services customers will monitor their own alarm signals via text/email notifications and in the event of a triggered alarm signal the customer will contact their police, fire or medical services for dispatching. All of the other features such as remote arm/disarm, control of Z-wave automation devices, viewing of IP cameras and remote access to the control panel to assist with programming and tech support will still be accessible for DIY customers.

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