Have you been wondering why your alarm company does not contact you when your alarm goes off? We have listed some of the most common reasons why this occurs.

A Dialer Delay - A dialer delay is typically used to prevent false alarms. The way it works is when there is an alarm tripping, there is a brief time delay (anywhere from 5 seconds up to 2 minutes) that takes place before your alarm panel will attempt to report an alarm to the central station. If a system is disarmed before this time delay lapses the alarm will not report to the central station. This dialer delay depending on the panel can be removed to no delay or reduced to reflect the minimum allowed for that given panel. Again there are some panels that are not able to remove this delay such as SIA panels.

If you have found that your panel does not have a dialer delay then it most likely will be one of the issues listed below.

Communication Failure - Another major reason why your alarm company may not be contacting you after an alarm is because your system is going into a communication failure. A communication failure can occur while using a phone/VoIP line, internet/wifi, cellular or dual path communications back to the central station.

Most common reasons for Communication issues


1) The line running directly into your alarm panel has been disconnected.

2) You have recently switched service providers and did not have them make sure there is an active dial tone running into the alarm panel.

 3) You have switched to a phone/
Voip service that does not work with alarm systems such as ooma, magic jack or Vonage.

4) Bad panel programming

Internet Broadband

1) Your Cat5 between the internet router and the alarm panel has become disconnected.

2) The Cat5 cable you are using has become faulty

3) Your internet is no longer working

4) Your router has stopped working

5) The router port has stopped working

6) Bad panel programming

Wi-Fi Communications

1) The Wi-fi in your location is not working

2) You have changed internet service providers recently

3) Bad panel programming

Cellular Communications

1) Your cellular communicator is a 2G outdated communicator and needs to be upgraded.

2) You no longer have good cellular service in the area the cellular communicator is installed.

3) The programming in your system is not correct

4) Bad panel programming

Dual Path Communicators

1) It could be a mixture of both internet/cellular communication issues.

2) Bad panel programming

If your alarm company is not calling you after an alarm we recommend switching your alarm monitoring service over to GEOARM Security. When you switch your services to our central alarm monitoring station we are able to diagnose very easily why an alarm 
system is not communicating signals properly.

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