Click the link below to find the Honeywell Lyric Controller smart scene training manual. In the Lyric controller smart scene training manual you will receive a thorough introduction to the smart scene feature. Including the types of smart scenes associate with the lyric controller, the amount of smart scenes the controller can handle, how to create a smart scene using Honeywell Total connect 2.0 app and much much more.

The Smart Scene feature is used to control Security functions as well as a single Z-Wave device, or multiple Z-Wave devices that will be turned ON/OFF, or to a user-defined preset lighting level, temperature or locking state.

Three types of Smart Scene offer convenient automation of security and lifestyle settings.

• Anytime Smart Scenes are initiated by users.

• Triggered Smart Scenes are initiated by the system in response to user-defined conditions occurring, such as System armed away, stay or disarmed, Burglary Alarm, Carbon Monoxide and Fire Alarm, or Sensor open or close.

• Scheduled Smart Scenes can be initiated by a combination of these things: Sunrise, Sunset, Time of Day, day or days of the week, as well as a randomized time, within 30 minutes of the start time.

Smart Scenes can control: *Automation Devices --Thermostats – Z-Wave and Wi-Fi --Locks and Garage Doors --Lights and Appliances --Shades and Blinds --Water Valves *Security Actions ---Arm Away (End of Exit Delay) or Arm Stay All Smart Scenes can be modified with the Edit command and manually started with the Run command.

Scheduled and Triggered Smart Scenes can be paused with the Hold command. A total of 100 Z-Wave Scenes can be created locally in the panel if there is no TC2 account. Once the TC2 account is set up scenes can only be created or edited via TC2..

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