If you have an GE Interlogix Concord Express hybrid security system you may have noticed after you press the status button your keypad displays AC or AC Power Failure/AC Failure but, your panel continues to operate from the backup battery. Here we will give you some troubleshooting tips to help you clear this issue from your system.

1. Check the AC circuit breaker to be sure the circuit is live.

2. Check
for the proper panel and transformer wiring.

3. Check that the transformer is plugged into
an on a switched outlet and secured with the provided screw. Chapter 3 Concord Express Installation Instructions 81

4. Check that the transformer is supplying AC to the panel. (Transformer internal fuse may be blown.)

WARNING: Be careful when securing the transformer to an outlet metal cover. Hold the cover tightly in place. You could receive a serious shock if the metal outlet cover drops down onto the prongs of the plug while you are securing the transformer and cover to the outlet box.

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