honeywell-sixct-cover-tamper       honeywell-sixct-wall-tamper

Yes, the Honeywell SiXCT encrypted door/window sensor does have tamper protection. In the first figure on the top left you will see the letter D. Letter D on the SiXCT is the cover tamper. The Honeywell SiXCT cover tamper is activated anytime the cover is removed from the sensor. In the next photo to the right you will see the wall tamper.

The SiXCT will send a tamper signal to the lyric controller when the cover is removed and it can be mounted to the wall using the breakaway tab to trip the tamper if the transmitter is torn off the wall. Both options use the same tamper switch.

*One of the biggest installation questions we receive about the Honeywell SiXCT is why is my SiXCT always in trouble condition. This is typically caused where an end user does not place the mounting bracket on the back of the SiXCT sealing the wall tamper. 9 out of 10 times its the wall tamper causing the trouble.

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