Here you will learn how to program a Qolsys QS-1311-P01 into a Qolsys IQ Panel. The Pin Pad serves as a secondary keypad for Qolsys IQ panels. The IQ Pin Pad is a great addition to a Qolsys security system for a few different reasons. The first would be that it is a small device making it not stand out aesthetically. The second reason would be that it is a convenient option when you want to disarm your security system. The last reason would be that the QS-1311-p01 has a panic button feature when you hold down the bottom left and right corners. This can speed the dispatching time if you have an intruder trying to enter your location.

To program the QS-1311-P01 you want to remove it from its packaging > remove installation manual > from the Qolsys IQ panel select settings > enter default installer code "1111" > select ok > installation > security sensors > Add sensor > enter dlid > select sensor type > name sensor > select sensor group "mobile intrusion" > add new > test to make sure it is working.

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