The Honeywell SiXGB mounting specifications is as follows : The SiXGB can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling:

• Mount the SiXGB within 25 feet of the protected glass

• within clear view of the protected glass

• at least 6.5 feet from the floor

• at least 3.3 feet from forced air ducts

• at least 3.3 feet from sirens or bells greater than 2 inches in diameter

• between the protected glass and any heavy window coverings

• when heavy window coverings are present, the detector can be mounted on the window frame

• Avoid mounting the Honeywell SiXGB detector on the same wall as the protected glass, on free-standing posts or pillars, or in rooms with noisy equipment (air compressors, bells, power tools, etc.), if this equipment is operated when the detector is armed.