This video will show you how to install the Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator into the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system?

To install the Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator turn your alarm panel on its side, depress the two tabs on top of the 4.3 inch touchscreen display, make sure your L5210 system is powered down by removing either the LT-Cable or the power transformer wire, un plug backup alarm battery. Now that there is no power, remove the Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator from its box; locate the chip labeled L5000/GSM. With the circuit board of the Honeywell 3GL facing you insert the end of the chip that reads GSM and slide it into the actual female port of the 3GL, now line up the Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator with the L5000 end of the chip exposed, insert the chip reading L5000 into the actual female port located directly on the Honeywell L5210 wireless system, all of the three screw holes should be ready to be mounted. With a Phillip head screwdriver twist down all three screws securing the Honeywell 3GL to the Honeywell L5210 wireless security system. Locate the white sticker which should be facing you and write down the MAC and MAC CRC of the Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator so that we can activate your cellular communicator for professional cellular alarm monitoring.

The Honeywell 3GL has replaced the discontinued 4GL cellular communicator. The 4GL was discontinued as it was misleading to the consumer “the 4GL did not actually have the capabilities to use 4g AT&T networks”. The discontinuation of the 4GL opened the door for the Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator. The Honeywell 3GL is an AlarmNet cellular communication module that can be installed into various Honeywell security systems such as the LYNX Touch L5200, L5210 and L7000 wireless security systems.

The Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator will allow access to additional features on the LYNX Touch wireless security systems. Activating the Honeywell 3GL will allow for Honeywell’s AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 interactive alarm monitoring services. This is where you can remotely control your security system from a smart device. Features such as, arm/disarm; receive notifications, control user profiles and user codes. The Total Connect 2.0 application is quite extensive as far as how customized you can make it. You can control what notifications you want and what notifications you wouldn't like to receive.

The Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator used in conjunction with the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE card opens the door to home automation control with the touch of your finger. Install z-wave door locks, light modules, garage door controllers and thermostats. Setup direct rules and scenes that apply to your specific needs for example let’s say you have a z-wave door lock and a Z-WAVE light module attached to your system. From your smart device you can select a custom scene that states arrive home. When you decide to click arrive home scene your front door can unlock and automatically your kitchen light can turn on allowing you visibility inside the home. That is an example of a very basic home automation scene you can have the rules you can apply can be much more expansive.

The Honeywell 3GL cellular communicator is the most important addition to your DIY home or business security system that you can have. The reason being is when you go with a Phone line or internet monitored security system you run the risk of having your security system rendered if the power or phone cables are cut from the outside of the location. When you add the Honeywell 3GL Cellular communicator to your security system it can be powered off of the alarm back up battery for 4-6 hours even if the power goes out or someone cuts the phone line or internet cables. You can add a higher capacity backup battery to your system giving it up to 24 hours of backup battery time giving you even more protection.

For the most reliable communication path back to the central alarm monitoring station you should consider using dual path alarm monitoring services. This will require you to have both the L5100-WIFI Card and the 3GL cellular module. By default the alarm system will only allow you to have internet as the primary communication path and the 3GL cellular communicator as the backup communication path.

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