To enroll/program a tilt sensor into a Qolsys IQ panel follow the steps below. Today we will be using a QS-5310-P01 tilt sensor.

1) Go to 
Qolsys IQ Panel
2) Go to settings
3) Enter installer code default is "1111"
4) Go to installations
5) Security Sensors
6) Auto Learn Sensor
7) Tamper tilt sensor
8) Select OK
9) Program Accordingly

Below you will find two examples of how you can program to react in a different manner. The first will be if you want to enroll with a long delay. This means once the tilt sensor is activated you will have 60 seconds to disarm the panel before it goes into an alarm.


The second example below will show you how to enroll/program a Qolsys tilt sensor using a short delay. The short delay is automatically set to have a 30-second delay. This means that once the tilt sensor is activated you will have 30 seconds to get to the IQ panel to disarm before it goes into an alarm.

Having a tilt sensor connected to your Qolsys IQ panel is a wonderful idea because it lets you know if you have left your garage open or closed. The IQ tilt sensor works with a moving part built into the sensor and anytime the garage door has opened the part inside will move into a certain position. On the other side if the garage door is closed the moving part inside of the QS-5310-P01 will move to the alternate location letting you know that the garage door has been closed.

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