This video will show you how to wire the 300-04705 power transformer to the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system comes with the 300-04705 9VDC, 2.5A power transformer that provides the main power to the security panel so you will not need to purchase separately. As a reminder the LYNX Touch wireless security systems do use polarity so you will need to be very cautious when wiring transformer to the panel.

There are two methods to accomplish the wiring to the security system. The first method which we recommend if possible is where you use the 300-04705 in conjunction with the LT-Cable. The LT-Cable is a 6 and a half foot cable that will have the wire leads already spliced and ready for you to insert into the back of the transformer. On the opposite end there will be a male end that will be inserted directly into the receiving female end of the Honeywell L5210 panel so there is no need to splice and hard wire into the internal terminals. 

If it is not possible for you to use the Honeywell LT-Cable the alternative would be to gather either 18 gauge by 2, 20 gauge by 2 or 22 gauge by 2 wire. If you plan on having the distance between the transformer and the Honeywell L5210 security system no longer than 11 feet away than you can use 22 gauge by 2 wire. If you need to have the distance to extend to 20 feet or less than 20 gauge by 2 wire will work. Lastly, if you need even more distance between the two than you must use the 18 gauge by 2 wire which will allow you a max of 26 feet. Strip both ends of the wire of your choice as the video shows and be cautious of the polarity meaning it matter's where the black and red wire get wired into. Look for the positive and negative markers on the transformer and the terminals labeled GND and 9VDC. The black wire will go into the negative end of the transformer and the red will go into the plus end. On the opposite side the black wire will get wired into the GND terminal and the red will go into the 9VDC terminal. When using this method please make sure that there is no copper exposed in either the panel end or the transformer end because if the copper touches it can short your Honeywell L5210 security system. 

Once everything has been installed just as shown in the video make sure to screw the screw that comes with the security system into the designated hole on the transformer to limit the chances the power gets unplugged from the Honeywell L5210 security system. 

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