This video will show you how to locate the MAC and MAC CRC serial numbers on the Honeywell AlarmNet 3GL cellular communicator.

These numbers can be found on the actual cellular communicator. You want to look on the front side where you can only see the plastic casing. Towards the bottom quarter of the 3GL you will find a white sticker. The MAC address will start with 00D0 followed by a sequence of numbers. The CRC will be directly next to these numbers and it will have a total of four digits with letters and numbers in combination. Once the security company has these numbers they than will be able to activate cellular central security monitoring for your security system. In addition to activating central security monitoring you will also have the luxury of GEOARM being able to access your security system remotely so we can make changes to your system's programming upon your request at no extra cost "as long as your are a GEOARM monitored client". 

For the lowest No-Term alarm monitoring rates contact GEOARM Security 1-877-443-6276. 

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