The Honeywell SiXGB operating temperature is between 32° to 122° F / 0° to 50° C. The SiXGB is not meant to be installed in outdoor applications it must be installed indoors. The SiXGB is not intended for outdoor use it should be installed indoors only. The Honeywell SiXGB wireless glass break detector is for use with all Honeywell security panels that support SiX series sensors.

The Honeywell SiXGB has a 25 foot range with no minimum range and has four adjustable sensitivity settings (Max, Medium, Low and Lowest). The Glassbreak can also sense the sound of a variety of glass (tempered, wired, laminate,ordinary plate, etc.) The SiXGB sports a sleek design with front and back case tamper and providees a five year battery life (uses one 3 volt Lithium CR123 battery). The Honeywell SiXGB transmits supervisory, low battery and tamper messages to Lyric control panel.

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