The Honeywell SiXPIR works with Uniform Sensitivity Optics, provided by the fresnel lens, provides the same sensitivity at the edges of the pattern as exists directly in front of the sensors. This means that each zone coming from the pyro has a clean sharp edge. This is important because each zone has a positive and negative polarity to it. With each one having a clean edge, it can efficiently and more precisely determine a change in infrared energy anywhere within the zones. Tier balancing means that each tier has different optical gain (look at the size of the tiers) because they all point at the same pyro. So the bigger the optical finger element, the higher the optical gain, which is needed the further you go away. This helps to differentiate between animals and humans. 

The Honeywell SiXPIR also has Advanced (Bi-directional) temperature compensation which adjusts every 30 seconds above and below body temperature for improved protection and false alarm immunity. The closer the room temperature increases or decreases to body temperature, the more sensitive the sensor will become to allow the unit to detect a person.

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