This video will show you how to install the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC into the Honeywell LYNX Touch L52100 wireless security system. To install open your Honeywell L5210 wireless system by depressing the two tabs located at the top of the security system. Once opened make sure the system does not have any power running into it. To mount the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC make sure the batteries wiring harness is leading out to the bottom left of the battery. Locate the back mounting plate and the backup battery housing are and seat the battery down. Once located run the wires down to the left where you will see a designated notch. Run the batteries wiring harness through the three wire clips securing the wire in place so they don't get pinched and damaged. Next locate the Honeywell L5210 backup battery mounting bracket which should come loosely in the brown protective mold inside the Honeywell L5210 manufacture box. Now take the mounting bracket in your hand hold the backup battery down run the L shaped part of the bracket and slide it under the provided groove "use the groove on the mounting area to the right it should be a lower seated notch" hold it down with your thumb while you secure the screw into place. Lastly, once you are ready to power up your panel plug in the power transformer followed by your HoneywellLYNXRCHKIT-SC alarm backup battery.

The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC is rated as a 7.2VDC battery and consisting of 6 AA 1100mah nickel metal hydride batteries that are wired in series. This particular backup battery will give you 4-6 hours of backup battery lifetime if your AC power is no longer working in your home or business. Once your system looses its main AC power the security system will begin using its Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC as a resource. After the main AC power has been restored the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC will begin to charge itself in the event the AC power goes out again. Upon receiving the Honeywell L5210 system and the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC battery there will be a 48 hour time period where the backup battery will need to charge so you may see a low battery trouble until this battery is fully charged. The same goes for when the Honeywell L5210 system has lost its AC power. This backup battery can also power your optional AlarmNet internet and or cellular modules. In the event you continue to see a low power trouble at your security system for more than 48 hours it may be time to replace your backup battery. You can figure a lifetime between 5-7 years depending on how many times the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC has had to solely power your Honeywell L5210 System. 

If you are looking for more than 4-6 hours of security system backup battery time there is a 24 hour backup battery option available for your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system. The part number for the 24 hour backup battery that can both power your AlarmNet L5100-WIFI, ILP5 4GL or your 3GL cellular communicators it is LYNXRCHKIT-SHA super high capacity battery backup. 

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