This video is to show you how to install a LYNXRCHKIT-SHA super high capacity backup battery into the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system. To install the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA you must power down the system completely. To do this turn the Honeywell L5210 on its side and depress the two tabs opening the security system. When opening the Honeywell L5210 system you will hear a normal cover tamper sounding. To silence this hit the push home button located under the 4.3 inch touchscreen display. Unplug either the Honeywell LT-Cable or the power transformer wire and unplug the backup battery that you will be replacing. Remove the original backup battery by unscrewing the mounting bracket from the back mounting plate. You can now place the old battery to the side as we will no longer need it in this install. With the new Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA backup battery make sure the wire harness is facing the bottom left of the battery and lay the battery down on the back mounting plate. Run the wiring harness from the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA through the 3 wire clips so the wires don't get pinched. Locate the battery mounting bracket and locate the L shaped part of the bracket run that underneath the battery slot to the left not to the right because we need more room to mount the higher capacity battery. Hold the bracket down into place while with your other hand you screw in the mounting screw securing the battery into place. Now you can plug in either you LT-CABLE or your power transformer wire and plug in the backup battery this battery uses the same battery terminal as the original battery with two prongs. 

In order to install the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA 24 hour backup battery the first step is to power down your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system. To do this turn the Honeywell L5210 panel on its side, depress two tabs at the top of the system which will separate the front from the back mounting plate. With the Honeywell L5210 system opened unplug either the LT-Cable or the power transformer wire and unplug your existing backup battery. Reverse the wiring harness out of the three securing brackets. Remove the standard backup battery from its housing by unscrewing the screw for the backup battery mounting bracket. This should free the standard battery and allow you to remove it from the panel. Gather your Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA backup battery "you will notice it is much larger than the standard battery". Make sure the wiring harness leading out of the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA is facing the bottom left, Lay the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA battery down with the black and red wires placed through the directed slot placing the bottom of the battery down first than the top, run the wires through the 3 protective wiring clamps used to prevent any pinching or damaging of the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA wiring harness. Locate your backup battery mounting bracket, slide the L shaped en into the direct slot "the slot to the left as show on the video" hold the mounting bracket with your thumb while screwing in the backup battery mounting screw. Notice that this backup battery has 3 holes with its connection module. The Honeywell L5210 panel will have 2 terminals this particular battery will use the male port with three prongs "unlike the other two backup batteries". Make sure the backup battery is secured into place.

The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA high capacity backup battery contains 6 3700mah 4 thirds A nickel metal hydride batteries that are all interconnected. The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA will provide your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system with 24 hours of backup battery time in the event the AC power in your home or business is shut off. Upon installing your Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA super high capacity backup battery allow for 48 hours for the battery to fully charge. Unlike the other high capacity backup battery the Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA can still provide your Honeywell L5210 panel with 24 hours of backup battery time even if you have a Honeywell AlarmNet internet of cellular alarm communicator internalized. The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA has a life duration between 5-7 years. In the event down the road your alarm system reports low battery troubles allow for your system to charge for 48 hours after that trouble before assuming its time to replace the battery. There are certain times where you may not be home and you home or business can experience power outages. If after the 48 hours the trouble still exists it may be time to replace your Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA super high capacity battery. There is no higher capacity backup battery for your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security systems.  

The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SHA super high capacity backup battery is compatible with the Honeywell LYNXR-1, LYNXR-2, LYNX Plus L3000, LYNX Touch L5000, L5100, L5200, L5210 and L7000 wireless security systems. 

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