This video shows you how to program the Honeywell 5821 wireless flood sensor into your Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system. First locate the Honeywell 5821 wireless flood sensor and remove it from its manufacturer box. Take a flat head screwdriver and pop off the front face plate of the Honeywell 5821 wireless sensor. Inside you will notice that there are two terminals where you can run wire into. Run some 22 gauge by 2 wire into the  terminals " there is not polarity so it doesn't matter where each wire goes. On the other end of this wire with a resistor run in parallel run the two wires under a the two screws as shown in the video. Insert the battery into Honeywell 5821 wireless flood sensor.

Locate the Honeywell L5200 wireless security system and enter programming from the home screen select security, more, tools, installer code "default is 4112", program, zones, highlight an available zone or add new, select serial number, enter your 7 digit serial number which can be found on the sensor itself, loop number 1, enter zone description, device type is environmental sensor, response type is 24 aux, report yes, chime disabled,  supervision supervised, save, back, yes, exit to the home screen, mount your sensor accordingly and call GEOARM security to test your sensor.  

In order to make this wireless sensor function correctly as a flood sensor you must have both the Honeywell 5821 and 470PB combined.The Honeywell 5821 wireless flood sensor is for applications including bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements.The Honeywell 5821 helps protect against temperature variation and flood conditions. The adaptable sensor can be setup to operate as a standalone temperature sensor and/or a remote temperature sensor/ flood sensor. The Honeywell 5821 is compatible with Honeywell AlarmNet Total Connect Remote Services and it can send user’s email or text message alerts when detecting floods or extreme temperatures so they can take action to minimize damages.The Honeywell 5821 sensor sports a 10 year battery life so you won’t constantly be forced to replace batteries and hear your alarm system go into a trouble alert.
The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system has been discontinued by Honeywell and will no longer produce these alarm panels. The Honeywell L5200 has been replaced by the Honeywell L5210 wireless security system the link to the new system has been placed above.
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