This video shows you how to program the Honeywell 5811 thin door/window contact into the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system. To program the Honeywell 5811 wireless window or door contact remove the front face cover from the Honeywell 5811, write down the 7 digit serial for later, make sure the battery is inserted and remove the battery safety tab. Now locate your Honeywell L5200 wireless security system and from the home screen select security, more, tools, enter the installer code "default is 4112", program, highlight an available zone or add new, click serial number, enter in the 7 digit serial number your wrote down, done, loop number 1, enter zone description for sensor, device type is door, response type is usually entry exit 1 or perimeter, report yes, select chime type, supervision supervised, save, back, yes exit to home screen. Now your Honeywell 5811 wireless door/window contact should be programmed. Call GEOARM Security to test to make sure that the sensor has been programmed correctly and that we are receiving your alarm signals.

Honeywell's 5811 thin Door/Window contact transmitter effectively disappears when installed next to standard door/window transmitters. It is ideal for casement and double-hung windows. The Honeywell 5811 provides a single zone of protection, and installs easily on doors or windows with the included mounting hardware or double-sided adhesive tape. Internalized to the contact there is a case tamper switch. This is in place so in the event someone is in your home and decides to attempt to vandalize or deactivate the sensor you will be notified. The battery used on the Honeywell 5811 thin door contact is a 3v ion lithium battery. You can expect a battery life between 3-5 years depending on usage of the device.

The Honeywell 5811 sensor has been given a range of 200 feet but, with this being a thinner contact we would lean along the lines of 75 feet. Keep in mind that dry wall, wood and other materials can also hinder the signal strength of the contacts back to the panel. Every time a contact signal has to go through for example dry wall that will cut the signal down by 30%. If your contacts are out of range you may need to add the Honeywell 5800RP wireless signal repeater which can extend the signal reach by 150 feet.
The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 wireless security system has been discontinued by Honeywell and will no longer produce these alarm panels. The L5200 has been replaced by the Honeywell L5210 wireless security system the link to the new system has been placed below.

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