If you just moved into a location or already have an existing Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 wireless security system you may be wondering how many secondary keypads can I have? What secondary keypad does the L5210 use? Geoarm Security is here to answer your question read below.

The Honeywell L5210 is the main control system for your security and automation features. If you want to be able to arm/disarm or use panic features of your system from an alternate location other than where the L5210 touchscreen is installed you will have a few different options.

Honeywell 5828 Secondary Wireless KeypadThe 5828 is a wireless, fixed display keypad that operates on the system's House ID with Honeywell Control Panels. The 5828 will not announce panel status.

Honeywell 5828v Secondary Wireless Talking Keypad - The 5828 is a wireless, fixed display voice keypad that operates on the system's House ID with Honeywell Control Panels. The 5828v wireless keypad will annunciate system status, zone information, and alarms with zone information in plain English. When running on battery only, the keypad will not wake-up for
any announcement.

The panel supports an unlimited number of Honeywell 5828/V wireless fixed keypad, and up to 4 Wifi MID Tablets or IOS devices. These devices provide a secondary method for viewing and controlling your LYNX Touch system, the LYNX Touch must be equipped with an L5100-WiFi or ILP5 Communications Device and actively connected to a network for tablets to work.

Honeywell LYNX Touch L5210 Frequently Asked Questions

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